CVHS elects its new officers for the 2016-2017 school year

Though most CVHS students aren’t old enough to vote in the upcoming presidential election, we all did have the right and responsibility to choose our ASB and class officers on April 19 and 20.

After narrowing the pool of candidates vying for office down to just two per position in the primary elections, students attended the ASB forum during their social studies class on April 18. Held in the CFA, the meeting consisted of ASB hopefuls’ convincing speeches on why they should be elected.

“The forum was informative, but I wish we’d had one for class officers as well. All I knew about the people running came from their posters, and there’s really no info on those,” said junior Katelyn Averill.

Junior Ariana Faizi, who was elected the next ASB president, committed herself to bringing therapy dogs on campus to relieve students’ stress during finals week, a crowd-pleasing vow reminiscent of current ASB President Jessica Yin’s campaign promise to bring food trucks to our campus. Faizi edged rival Carly Becerra in the election’s top contest.

The only sure winner in the ASB election was Samantha Tong, who ran unopposed for secretary and outlined her goals in a short and sweet speech.

Vadozzi Yasi and Monav Aulakh, aspiring ASB vice presidents, both ran compelling campaigns, with Yasi winning in the end.

Sophomores Thomas Tran and Luka Uchiyama gave each other a run for their money in the race for ASB treasurer, with Tran winning the position.

Freshman Liva Langer and junior Sierra Berg gave persuasive speeches to compete for the position of ASB student body representative, a unique job that’s essentially the much needed link between the school board and the students. Berg won the office, and Langer may try again for this position in the future.

Here are the results of all elections for 2016-2017 offices


ASB President Ariana Faizi

ASB Vice President Vadozzi Yasi

ASB Secretary Samantha Tong

ASB Treasurer Thomas Tran

ASB School Board Representative Sierra Berg

Senior Class

President Karen Tam

Vice President Gabbie Dionisio

Secretary Jennifer Ng

Treasurer Angelica Duarte

Junior Class

President Peter Maina

Vice President Maddy Thompson

Secretary Madeline Albright

Treasurer Melissa Ah-Tye

Sophomore Class

President Jenny Pham

Vice President Nicolette Paredes

Secretary Chloe Dionisio

Treasurer Alexandro Olvera

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