Prepare to get wet: swimming mandatory for all

Mandatory swim lessons for all students are coming to CVHS under a decision by the school district officials.

Students will be required to swim the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle strokes. The lessons will be given as a course in P.E. and will be taught by swim team coaches who are extremely excited to be a part of this new course.

The lessons will only benefit the students if they cooperate. If a student refuses to take the lessons, he or she will not be able to able to pass P.E. and will have to retake the class during summer school or the following year. Summer classes will be held in the San Francisco Bay, since HARD will be conducting recreational swim programs for the public at the CVHS pool.

“I don’t care what the punishment for not swimming will be. I’ve never liked swimming and I never will. Plus, it takes me an hour to do my hair and makeup every morning, I’m not gonna ruin it,” said one sophomore angrily.

Many students are outraged by this requirement, which was finally approved after several years of consideration. Several parents have asked for their students to be removed from the swim lessons. Unless the student has a medical condition that would hinder his or her ability to participate in the activity, there is no possible way for a student to be exempt from the lessons.

Some students are taking the new addition of swim lessons out of proportion.

“I refuse to participate. I’m now considering transferring schools,” stated a freshman.

On the other hand some are taking it fairly well.

“I can’t wait for swimming to start. It’ll be an excuse to show the ladies my pecks,” said a sophomore.

No matter how hard the students may try, the decision is set and nothing can be done to sway it.

So dust off your speedos CVHS, we will be making a big splash very soon.

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