CVHS to incorporate stricter rules

Since CVHS is a public school, we have to agree to any rules the government and officials propose for schools in the future. They have decided that as of May 14, CVHS will be part of a program that requires one more hour of class per day, and I think that’s great news.

The school also has to incorporate electric fences and a guard tower to look for people ditching school. These regulations are supposedly better for the students because they allow for us to get ready for college better than ever before and also it will keep kids out of trouble since they will be busier and more dedicated to school for a longer period of time.

We will start school at the regular time of 8:08 a.m. but end at 4:30 p.m., which is an hour more than before. But the advantage of the extra period is students will have more opportunity to finish vocational classes.

Safety has been a huge concern lately with The Board of Directors for Youth (BODY). The directors want to maximize our security so during summer, since it’s less of a hazard, they will start putting up new electric fences around the school’s perimeter that will shock anyone that touches it during class time, break, and lunch. It looks like we won’t be able to go outside for lunch, so we better start packing our own lunches!

Another thing that will protect students and the school more is the new guard tower they will put up in the middle of our beloved courtyard where we all socialize. Having a guard tower will help with supervising our campus. Engineers will be meeting during the summer along with our principal and some head staff members to discuss the layout of it.

All in all, students should be glad. The government is just trying to protect us from any harm and dangers and they also want to keep us in school so it’s a win-win for both.

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