Respectable finish in fourth for girls tennis at WACC finals


This year’s varsity girls tennis team season ended with a bang, as the top players participated in the WACC tournament on Nov. 7-8. Three singles, including Hailey Agulay, Rachel Dong, and Gabby Zakas, competed well as the two doubles teams, made up of twins Alexa and Nicole Buciarelli and teammates Caroline Yu and Brianna Wong, also played hard.

Even though the day was filled with tough matches and high stakes, all the girls, whether playing singles or doubles, worked their hardest against some of the toughest schools in the league.

“The challenge was the toughness of our competitors.  They all played good tennis. Nevertheless, it was a good way to end because despite not winning overall, I got to play with my doubles partner for the last time, and we put in our best effort,” said senior Caroline Yu.

In the end, CVHS number one player Dong was able to place third in singles, while both Agulay and Zakas put up good efforts early on. The Buciarellis were able to work hard in the first round, but ultimately lost, while partners Yu and Wong played a good match against Berkeley High.

While there were no tournament victories, the CVHS girls tennis team was well represented by seven fabulous varsity tennis players. Other schools within our league may have won, but the CVHS tennis team has heart, talent, and a work ethic that truly shows in their scores, both during the league and during the tournament. You go, Lady Trojans.

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