The Faerie Path Mystifies Readers


In the fictional novel The Faerie Path, author Frewin Jones reveals the fantasy realm of a young girl torn between her mortal life on earth and her newly discovered magical life as a Faerie princess.

Anita Palmer is an ordinary teen girl living in the hustle and bustle of her hometown. Elated by her approaching sixteenth birthday and plans with her new boyfriend, Evan, she thinks nothing of the strange dreams she’s been having.

It comes as a big shock when she is swept into an entirely different world, the realm in which her boyfriend and Anita really belong. Brought back by Lord Gabriel Drake after a boating incident, Anita discovers that she is actually Tania, the seventh daughter of King Oberon and Queen Titania, who was lost in the mortal world for the past 500 years.

Unfortunately, Anita does not have any recollection of Tania’s life, or her six older sisters, or her mysterious disappearance from the Faerie realm on the eve of her marriage to Lord Gabriel five hundred years earlier.

Swept away into a court of magic and beauty, the lost princess of Faerie is torn between her life in the Mortal World, full of familiar sights and memories, and the realm of Faerie, where nothing is certain. Since Tania’s mysterious disappearance 500 years ago, Faeries have been sunk into darkness and gloom. The entire kingdom is mourning the death of her mother, and her eldest sister refuses to see her. Upon her return, Faeries comes alive again as a land of winged children, glittering balls, and fantastic delights. Torn between two worlds, Tania slowly remembers why she disappeared.

She doesn’t know who to trust: her sisters, Lord Gabriel, or the boy she thought she loved in the Mortal World. But she’ll have to remember why she disappeared so long ago, because she’s the only one who can stop the treasonous plot afoot that threatens the entire world of Faerie.

Jones does an admirable job of bringing out individual characters’ personalities and strengths. A floral Faerie tale unspools at a measured pace, the author’s fascination regarding the immortal world is unique and even communicates well with today’s readers. The premise of the novel is compelling in itself with plot twists and breathtaking descriptions. The fantasy tale centers to the overlapping of a magical realm parallel to the world of humans. It adds obstacles as bonuses to Anita/Tania’s story by making crossovers so difficult. The surprise ending will leave you waiting in anticipation for the sequel, The Lost Queen.

Overall, The Faerie Path is highly recommended for those who enjoy teen romance and adventure.

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