A Giants experience as a journalist

There isn’t another feeling in the world like going to a Giants game. As you sit in the seats you hear the deafeningly loud cheers of the fans, smell the musky scent of beer, taste the delicious and overpriced food, and watch the best team in the nation play. Yet the experience of going to a game is completely different for members of the press.

On the night of pitcher Matt Cain’s perfect game, journalism teacher Matt Johanson took students Camillo Riveros and I to interview some players and people at the game for The Olympian. As reporters, we needed to get to AT&T Park two hours before the game. After taking countless pictures of the Giants practicing, Riveros and I met more Giants stars than we ever could have imagined we would.

Although Giants trainer Anthony Reyes was Rivero’s only intended interviewee, he convinced All-Star third baseman Pablo Sandoval to be interviewed  in Spanish! I felt that I had shook hands with royalty; it isn’t every day that someone meets “The Kung Fu Panda.”

We were surprised once more with a visit from Giants manager Bruce Bochy. He spoke to us about future careers in sports reporting. Bochy was followed by broadcaster Marty Lurie who has a popular radio show.

My shining moment was a videotaped interview with Jason Castro, a CVHS graduate and catcher for the Houston Astros. I was so nervous that I almost mispronounced my own name.

As we walked to the best seats in the house in the press box, I saw journalists silently and speedily typing on their computers. Although the press box has the best view, the number of rules is unbearable. The hardest ones for me to follow was the no cheering rules. I sat in my seat covering my mouth and pinning myself down to the chair as Cain’s perfect game unfolded.

Whereas ten dollars in the stands get fans a hot dog at most, the same amount would get you a full dinner at the press cafeteria.

The experience solidified my dream of someday becoming a professional journalist. It looks like the most active and fun job for someone like me who loves to write and have new adventures every day.

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