Varsity softball team defeats berkeley high

The Trojans league championship-winning softball team defeated Berkeley High with a score of 13-0 on May 22.
The game was full of excitement and cheering, but this didn’t distract the concentration of the team, seeing that it was the first round of the North Coast Section (NCS).
The win was the result of the team’s great pitchers and incredible defense backing them up. In addition to having a good defense, a lot of teamwork was clearly visible on the field.
“Karen Chaw, the umpire, knew how to call the pitches, and all I had to do was pitch,” said pitcher Olivia Aragon.
“I felt very nervous and it was very intense,” added sophomore pitcher Baylee Johnson.
When it was time for the Trojans to bat, junior Melina Huey, who was first up to the plate, batted a double without hesitation.  Right after Huey’s double, Johnson hit another double. With those two doubles, the Trojans were ahead of the game. At the end of the first inning, the score was 2-0. The rest of the game was full of intense sprinting and risky sliding, with the softball flying rapidly all over the field.
“I was pleased with the effort,” said coach Marie Gray.
With yet another win, the Trojans are moving up in the competition. The next game is against James Logan High, and the players are very excited.
“We had a solid game and we are ready for Logan,” said Johnson. “I have a feeling that we are going to beat them.”
Unfortunately, our Trojan team lost to Logan in the NCS quarterfinals with a very close score of 3-4.

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