Boys qualify for postseason showdown

The CVHS boys soccer team ended its season battling against California High School in San Ramon on Feb. 16. Castro Valley was the last seeded team in NCS. The Trojans played their hardest in order to make it to the next round. However, after a long nail biting game filled with action, the Grizzlies prevailed.

“At the end of the first half, we were tied 1-1 and then we lost it in the second half, making the final result 3-1,” said senior Kurtis Louie.

Aside from this nerve-racking game, the team also played a close game against Bishop O’Dowd.

The game against O’Dowd had “so many emotions present during this game because we went from being in the lead, to being tied, to being down, to being tied, [and finally] to being in the lead,” said junior Lucas Heuer.

Overall, the boys soccer team felt that, as a team, they did not perform as well as they had wished this past season.

“As individuals, there was skill but as a team, we weren’t there yet,” said Heuer.

“The team did all right, but it could have been a lot better,” Louie agreed.

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