CVHS Varsity Cheer competes in Las Vegas

Twenty-two CVHS varsity cheerleaders competed in the JAMZ national cheer competition in Las Vegas on Feb. 27-29. This was the first time in history that CVHS cheerleaders have qualified and been able to go to Vegas for a national competition. The team performed in the “coed show cheer non-tumbling” category and placed fourth, earning a score of 82.77 percent.

This competition marked the end of a long, arduous season for the cheerleaders. Under the direction of coach Ty Young and captain Courtney Newton, they trained hard all season, practicing three times a week, even on weekends. However, this particular weekend was not only filled with hard work. The team got to relax at the MGM Grand Hotel and watch a show together as well.

“There was lots of team bonding,” said junior Leah Valencia. The cheerleaders definitely made a lot of good memories on the trip, and all their hard work paid off.

Valencia recalled an unforgettable moment, right before the team performed. “There was all the adrenaline before we got on stage, and we were all encouraging each other,” she said.  

“I’m so proud of all my teammates and all our hard work this season. It was such a great experience. We made history!” said junior Alysia Maestas.

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