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Ben Eversole wins cross country invitational

Fans and cross country runners from all over the state ravaged Canyon Middle School.   The Castro Valley High invitational was held at Canyon Middle School on a hot Saturday Oct. 9.

The highlight of the meet was the varsity race.  The varsity boys did an outstanding job.  They ran a very difficult three-mile race up hills in the dry heat.

The team consisted of Ben Eversole, Arad Margalit, Eshed Margalit, Erich Coulter and Andrew Coulter.  Eversole, a senior and one of the best runners in the state, finished the race first with the time of 16 minutes and 8 seconds.

“It was definitely hard because I had to pace myself.  I was alone for most of the race,” said Eversole.

Last year, he finished the race with 16 minutes and 11 seconds, so he broke his record by three seconds.  The coach was very impressed with his varsity team.

“I am proud of what they are doing, taking control of the team.  Setting standards for younger kids and continuing the tradition of hard, competitive running,” said coach Dooney Jones.

With Eversole taking first place over all, Margalit finished 32nd with 18:36, Coulter finished 41st with 18:57, Margalit finished with 18:58, and Coulter finished 59th with 19:38.

The freshman and sophomore runners ran very hard, as well as the junior varsity runners.  They ran a 2.1-mile race across the fields of Canyon. You could see their red faces and dripping sweat from their foreheads.