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Homecoming rocks CVHS once again

One unforgettable event in CVHS history is Homecoming. This year’s event was no different from the past years and created a special form of unity between the four classes. Our theme this year was “cereal” and although many posed questions on how to represent our favorite breakfast, students of CVHS were able to bring fun and responsibility to the plate.

Each year, the upperclassmen are able to bring forth the true meaning of Homecoming and pass on the same level of excitement and participation to the newer students.

“Homecoming was pretty good!” said freshman Cameron Beresini. “I really liked the march.”

Students of each class put their best efforts into creating a memorable Homecoming. The senior class especially proved superior to the others during their final march by executing a synchronized and well spirited march. However, the results of Homecoming returned in an upset. Juniors (Fruity Pebbles) won first place, followed by seniors (Cap’n Crunch) in second place, sophomores (Fruit Loops) in third and freshmen (Trix) in fourth.

“A lot of the seniors were upset with the results,” said activities director Nick Whitaker, “Before I was activities director, I heard people saying it was rigged and that the seniors always won. It turns out that the juniors won this year and now the seniors complain that it was rigged.

“I wish that people would sit back and say ‘I did my best’ and be proud than to express disappointment,” Whitaker said. “Even with the unexpected results, Homecoming this year went very smoothly and was a fun experience for everybody.”

Though the results may have been unexpected, many seniors still managed to keep up their good sportsmanship.

“It’s unfortunate that the seniors lost. However, the juniors were most definitely united and together,” praised Joon Joung, ASB President. “Of the six Homecomings that I’ve seen, I honestly believe that this was the best based off of the floats, male and female performances, dress up participation and class unity. I love this school with all my heart and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year turns out.”

Everybody who participated in Homecoming this year did their absolute best, helping shape another extraordinary and successful event. As Homecoming brought the school as a whole together, it also united the students within each class, creating individual bonds between them. The juniors accepted their win graciously, taking in note of the other classes’ exceptional work.

“Homecoming this year was amazing. Every class did an outstanding job in the performances, floats, and school spirit,” said ASB Secretary Kyle Linayao, a junior. “Although I am happy with the results, I know it does not truly reflect how much effort every class put in.”