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Do Your Part, Work the Election

Sixteen years olds and up can work at the upcoming general election from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3 this year. Now is the time to help our community. Due to COVID-19, a lot of the previous older volunteers won’t be able to work at the polling precincts, so your involvement will make sure voting centers stay open.

I volunteered to work at this past March primary election at the polling precinct in Castro Valley. Being a poll worker is a very rewarding experience. You get to witness all different types of voters: veterans, newbies, and first-timers.

“Being a poll worker was fun because I got to meet new people and see what goes on behind the scenes,” said senior Savannah Roy. 

 In addition to a new working experience you also get paid. In this election, polling stations will be open for four days, meaning you could earn up to $475 for just a few days of working. 

From working in this past election, I have understood the process and how the moving pieces of the election works. Learning from the past election, I know that the voting process in California is very secure. 

Recently, President Donald Trump has suggested voting twice, once in person and once by mail, to test out whether the vote is counted. Voters should ignore this advice and instead only vote once. Since every voter is receiving a mail-in ballot this election whether or not they asked for one, it is wise not to test his theory. If you wish to still vote in-person, you should bring your mail-in ballot to your polling precinct and exchange it to vote in person. 

“I would recommend fellow 16-year-olds and up to work the election. Working at the polling station gave me a lot of information about what to expect when voting,” commented Roy. 

If you are 16 and up, go to to register to work at a polling station this election to make sure polling precincts stay open.