Junior Prom no-sale lists not affecting ticket sales

Unserved detentions are landing juniors on the no-sale list for the best night of the year for the class of 2019:  Junior Prom. Bright, neon-colored slips have been arriving in classes more often lately to remind students of their unserved detentions and their inability to purchase tickets to the dance if they continue to ignore them.

CVHS assigns detentions to students with two or more tardies a week. Failure to serve the detention lands the students on the “no-go” list for Junior Prom which takes place on Feb. 17 at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland.

Ticket sales began the week right after finals for $75, increasing $5 each week.

The beginning of ticket sales crept up on juniors immediately after finals week and may be stressful for students who feel pressured to find time to serve their detentions within a week for the cheapest admission price.

If students feel that clearing their detentions is too much of a burden, then the question arises of whether this restriction impacts ticket sales.

“We have never had a correlation between the no sale list and low ticket sales so I do not think it has an effect on ticket sales,” commented Activities Director Michael Kentris.

“This restriction was set to implement the tardy policy and ensure rules are followed through; it doesn’t affect our ticket sales too much!” junior class president Nicolette Paredes agreed.

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