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CVUSD provides free lunches amid school closure

By Megan Baldwin and Thomas Ryken

CVUSD is offering a free breakfast and lunch pickup at Creekside Middle School from 11-12:30 during the school shutdown. People drive up to the school parking lot, and are greeted by hard working volunteers who offer some options for the food that can be picked up, along with a breakfast for the next day.

Volunteer Jessica Bias said how the way the food is being distributed “is working so well. It’s efficient, and kids are getting fed, with over 200 families coming every day.” 

Bias, along with other volunteers, greet each family as they pull into the parking lot, telling them what options they have for a meal, and handing out flyers with other resources. 

 There are around six volunteers handing out food, with many more people working in the kitchen, and in the cafeteria creating the lunches. In addition to getting a meal, people can also pick up bags of canned food from the Alameda County Food Bank, and there are other resources, including how to get free internet, and locations of other food banks to visit if you need food. 

At the high school there were opportunities for students to check out chromebooks so their distance learning experience could be easier. 

Students were allowed to come on campus only for critical reasons like getting books from a locker or getting a chromebook. These drop-in times have been two hour windows on multiple days during the quarantine. 

Teachers have used many different sites and apps to connect and teach their students including email, Google Classroom, and Zoom meetings. Technology has proven to be a major tool in distance learning, which is why students without these resources were given the opportunity to grab a chromebook. 

One thought on “CVUSD provides free lunches amid school closure

  • Lindsey Suarez

    I think its really thoughtful the school is providing students with a meal and other foods from the food bank. Especially in a time where some families have no income, something as simple as this can really be helpful.

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