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Measure I would support teachers

Tension levels rise and political discussions intensify as the primary elections commence. 

This year, Castro Valley voters will be asked to vote on Measure I, a parcel tax measure which is designed to fund schools and educational programs that help enhance the quality of our education, as well as provide support for teachers. 

We at The Olympian support Measure I.

Considering the cost of living in the Bay Area and the very low entry level salary of a teacher, the parcel tax measure would highly benefit teachers. 

All across California, teachers have been going on strikes, demanding a better pay, as their salaries are significantly lower than many other professionals who share the same educational background.

If Measure I passes, each Castro Valley property owner would be charged $96 per year. All of the money generated from this measure will be given to the Castro Valley Unfied School District and will be distributed to each and every school in the district. 

The money collected will also be used to support teachers financially by raising salaries by one percent, assisting with the overall cost of living in Castro Valley which could possibly encourage them to continue working in Castro Valley, as when salaries are higher, teachers tend to stay. 

The Olympian encourages voters to support this measure to fund our schools and programs to help improve the quality of our education.