Why Your Next Tweet Can Start A Revolution

In today’s world of trending Twitter hashtags, Instagram and Snapchat stories, and explosion on the importance of social media, young adults have more power than ever to influence the direction of our world locally and globally.

Social media has expanded the voice of youth, just like me, to voice our opinions on political actions and social issues everywhere. It doesn’t matter how small or big we may be, or how much younger we are than some of the world’s most famous leaders, because we as youth are more powerful than ever to change this world as our voices echo loudly in this time.

Teens on campus have the ability to spread the word and organize a school walkout in just a couple of days. We have the ability to let the community know the story of a missing or dead teen in just a couple of minutes. We have the ability to revolutionize issues that we care about and make the world hear us, and it’s all in our hands.

In response to the Parkland shooting on Feb. 14, 2018, social media took a big part in organizing the March for Our Lives and the famous Never Again slogan. In the world of advancing technology and social media, figures like Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg were able to begin a gun reform movement that will have a lasting impression. The March for Our Lives campaign message of stricter gun control and the ban of assault weapons reached worldwide through the media.

We as young adults are stronger than ever, even when many of us are ineligible to exercise our power politically through voting. In the recent midterm election of 2018 there was an increased voter turnout with 113 million who voted. All over social media, leading up to the midterm election, there was an increased emphasis on pre-registering to vote or encouraging voter turnout. Among Democrats heavily, there was a pressure to go out and vote. The posts, hashtags, and outspoken community were successful as the Democrats won the House of Representatives.

Another time social media took to action was the #MeToo movement, first tweeted out by Alyssa Milano. Since then, it has become a national statement to represent the magnitude of sexual assault around the world. Ignited when sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced, the #MeToo movement became the rallying cry for women who experienced sexual assault. A hashtag became the face of a revolution for women and men showing the power of our media.

When our leaders of today are not aligned with our youth, they will hear it. We are no longer keeping quiet. Our voices will be heard one way or another. I might not be able to vote or run for Congress, but that doesn’t mean I have to sit around and wait for an adult to fix the issues of today. I stand with the youth today which will fight the battles of the future. We no longer sit and wait, but instead voice our opinions boldly as the tech of today carries the revolution of tomorrow.

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