Your style meets dress code

Back at Canyon Middle School, I experienced a situation when a staff member felt that me changing outfits was more important than taking a test in science class. I still remember to this day what occured my seventh grade year. On my way to fourth period I tripped and skinned my knee through my jeans. This resulted in a rip on my kneecap.

At my middle school, ripped jeans were not allowed and could not be worn by girls at school. When I walked in class, ready to take my test, the teacher’s assistant pulled me to the side and said I had to go to the office to receive a dress code violation detention. That day I had to miss all of fourth and fifth period because I accidentally caused a rip in my jeans. That caused me to miss my test and take time away from me learning.

I am glad to see Bay Area school boards loosening their schools’ dress codes, like the Alameda Unified School District. Girls protested the dress code because they felt it mainly targeted them. Girls were frequently taken out of class because of what they are wearing which results in less time spent in class. Many females feel that others think covering their body is more important than their education.

Although the dress code has been relaxed, clothing items that include violent or illegal imagery, as well as hate speech, profanity, and pornography are still banned. The district still encourages every student to dress appropriately and be ready for a successful day at school. These restrictions relate to the CVHS dress code as well. The CVHS dress code states that students should not wear clothes that promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, inappropriate images, hate messages or violence such as guns or weapons. I am glad to be at a school where my education does not reflect what I wear.

This change in dress code is empowering to all girls who feel their education should not have to be affected by what they wear. I am a young woman who extremely values my education and does not believe it should be impacted by what clothes I wear.

I think it is amazing that this school district has loosened its dress code to help the girls being targeted. This problem occurs all over schools in the U.S.  and must be addressed. A young girl’s education is much more important that what she decided to wear from her closet today.




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