Fire safety and creative expression

A fire marshall conducted a safety inspection at CVHS on Jan. 20 which led to several mandatory corrective measures being put into place. Upon review, a majority of classrooms were considered to be violating proper fire safety codes. Most of the violations were a result of classroom decor.

Some mandatory changes that have been made include the removal of all art work and decorations from doors, the removal of all fabrics and flags, and a rule that only 50 percent of walls can be covered with paper or decoration. These rules, though they are practical and for our safety, raise some slight concern with The Olympian.

Classrooms at CVHS have always been lively and of a welcoming nature. Entertaining and colorful environments have been proven to help students thrive. Seeing things like motivational quotes or student-written goals on the walls has allowed for ongoing encouragement in the classroom setting on a daily basis.

However, now that fire safety has changed the way that classrooms are to look and feel, we at The Olympian feel that our school’s learning morale might decrease. The lack of color and decor in the classes might make learning boring for students. Having little to no motivation on the walls around us might make it harder to enjoy school.

We believe that a great way to stop this problem from occurring is by including student and teacher designed artwork on the walls. Instead of using paper or other flammable objects for classroom decor, The Olympian would like to propose the use of non-flammable paint or ink based mediums on the walls.

Teachers could have an opportunity to design exactly what they prefer to see on their walls and have students create a beautiful piece of artwork for them. Painting a colorful quote or picture that creates the same welcoming aura in the room seems like a great substitute for boring white walls.

The Olympian recognizes that fire safety is very important, especially in a school setting. Being safe in school will allow us to continue having fun. That is why we suggest the use of safe art mediums directly on the walls.

One thought on “Fire safety and creative expression

  • April 6, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    It is a shame that so much of the decor was taken down. I know some teachers that probably had a lot of work to do when the order came. It’s hard to balance safety and creativity, sometimes, but I bet the teachers are intelligent to be safe and still create unique and exciting classrooms.

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