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I support Clinton-and so should you


These days, Hillary Clinton is known most widely amongst young people as a joke. She’s slammed for a face she makes onstage, she’s slammed for using the same private email server that every other secretary of state has used, she’s even slammed for getting sick. Catchphrases circulate social media such as “I will never be with her.” Because of this, Hillary is in danger of losing votes from a large group of young people who get their news from Twitter instead of CNN.

Clinton is not the garbage she is frequently called on Twitter, just as Bernie Sanders is not the saint that social media makes him out to be. In fact, there are many issues in which Clinton’s policies match the Democratic Party’s much better than Sanders’.

Most 18-year-olds aren’t reading the news or doing research to decide whether they are going to vote Democratic or Republican. They’re scrolling through Instagram and Twitter, seeing posts from random teenagers blaming Hillary for Benghazi, or the popular tweet “How are you going to run a country if you can’t even keep your emails organized?” Their opinions are being built off of nothing but posts from other equally uneducated and under-qualified teens.

Although the negativity is most of what is circulating social media, it just so happens that Clinton is a good candidate. She is intelligent, experienced, and her policies match up with those of the Democratic Party which she will be representing in this election. Her biggest problem in this election is that she’s a woman.

Donald Trump, although much more problematic, gets nowhere near the amount of criticism that she gets. He is popular among Republican-leaning teens, despite his ridiculous promised policies and his nonstop slew of hate. Despite his facing allegations of rape of a 13-year-old girl, his offending just about every racial group in America except whites, and his continued misogynistic comments, newspapers still write critical articles about Clinton’s emails months after the fact. For people who don’t research candidates, he is an easy candidate to vote for. What could be safer than voting for an old white man? All criminal charges and speculated mental health conditions aside, Trump does fit the classic presidential profile!

So, for young people looking for an easy decision, here you go. Yes, Trump is a successful white businessman, but he is also an racist, misogynistic egomaniac, and, to top it all off, an alleged child rapist. Clinton, on the other hand, supports free and discounted college education, gun control, affordable health care… the list goes on, and it’s full of beliefs shared by young people.

So yes, Clinton used the same private email server as many other government officials she worked with, and yes, she, like the rest of the population, is subject to pneumonia. She’s not perfect, but she’d make a much better president than Trump. I’m with her.

One thought on “I support Clinton-and so should you

  • Alanna Stull

    Personal political beliefs aside, I agree that too many teens get their news from social media. Social media is not a credible source of information and many things get misconstrued. This leads to misinformed decisions that could have negative impacts on others.

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