History classes need historical accuracy

Castro Valley High School is one of the few schools that offers a history class other than the standard courses. Juniors can take an Afrocentric-based history class that along with an Afrocentric English class. It differs from the average course because everything is taught from the perspective of African Americans.

So far in this class, we have learned how “glazed over” the topics of slavery and racism are in most history classes. From the time that we first began learning the history of our country, we devoured information that created an image of American heroes and painted a picture of America that is far from accurate.

Why is that? Why aren’t the generations that follow major historical events and tragedies taught about the harsh truth and realities of the world?

It is interesting that you have to take an alternative class to learn about the brutalization that built our country and continues to affect groups of people today.

Recently in a few states there have been motions to remove the entire concept of slavery, which is astonishing. Not only is it interesting to me that someone would want to remove such a major part of history from history classes, but it also makes me wonder what will happen if motions like this are approved. If slavery not taught, events such as the Holocaust and 9/11 could be removed next, and if the history isn’t taught it will soon disappear.

I feel as though the public education system in America is lacking the honesty that is needed to be properly educate. The harsh realities of the things that have occurred in this country should be taught to everyone in hopes of creating a better future.

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