Teens should make decisions for themselves, not society

DSC_0129All we see in magazines, TV, and on different web sites are the “newest clothes or the latest fashions,” but is that really what they are trying to convey? Society has a way of making teenagers feel like they need to do whatever it takes to fit in even if it means dressing or looking a certain way. It makes teens feel self conscious by trying to convince us that looks are everything and that we need to have the product or item to be socially accepted.

“In our society, physical beauty is highly valued. You are constantly bombarded in magazines and on the screen with false pictures of the perfect body,” said Jerry Pounds, a psychologist who specializes in teenage behavior, on lifeway.com.

It can be stressful trying to live up to certain expectations of how teenagers are supposed to look on a daily basis.

“It’s important to be aware of these messages our society gives you. Notice the advertisements, commercials, billboard pictures, and magazines covers, and see how subtle and persuasive these messages are. The problem is that we tend to evaluate ourselves with these perfect standards. And none of us can measure up to them,” said Pounds.

Another example of this is modeling. The two types of models are the “normal ones” who are super skinny and the plus-sized models who can look as normal as everyday people. The names of the two different model types just sends a message that people shouldn’t be comfortable in their own skin and should be striving for a certain look. When kids are constantly feel the need to try and compare ourselves to all these unrealistic goals that it can end up lowering their self esteem.

Teens are already facing enough stress, especially during high school. We should be proud to have our individuality and not be afraid of being judged by people around us. People are made to look the way they were meant to, not the way society wants them to. If we want to change something about ourselves, it should be our own decision to change, not because society forces us to conform.


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