A high standard class environment is more fulfilling

AmanatWhen I looked around my English class and noticed different types of people of different races and personalities, one student stood out. He was sitting with his head down on the desk without having taken out any supplies. Every day from then on, I noticed that it’s the same routine for him: come to class, sleep, and leave once the bell rings.

It made me wonder, why isn’t he working hard like the rest of us? Doesn’t he want to pass this class and graduate? I later found out that he was expelled from his previous high school and is only attending CVHS because his parents make him.

While not everyone is thrilled to come to school every day, most of us realize that working hard now will pay off in the future. But why isn’t this particular student worried  about finishing school? Why doesn’t he push and challenge himself more?

After talking with my parents about it, I became a little irritated. Normally, we have the chance to learn from our classmates and hear their opinions in class discussions. But now, I notice that not many students are pushing themselves to succeed, which causes issues for everyone.

Shouldn’t we be in a school environment where everyone is striving to be on top? The fact that school is a place to learn and do your very best doesn’t seem to matter to some students anymore.

This brings up the question of whether or not CVHS should accept students who have been expelled from other high schools. If students under 17 are expelled, they are required by law to continue their education. But should CVHS take these students in?

If we reject these students, I believe that our school would have higher standards and more students learning in a fulfilling working environment. There would be fewer distractions and more focused lessons.

In the real world, we don’t get to pick and choose who we work with, although we can decide who we socialize with. We could work alongside people who try, people who are naturally good at what they do, and people who aren’t bothered with their job. I believe that at school, we should be able to have higher standards set for us without having the stress of an AP or Honors class.

CVHS should only accept students who have a record of good grades and who are willing to work hard. Think about it. Would you rather have a fellow pupil who sleeps all throughout class and is no help whatsoever, or a classmate who contributes in discussion and is able to provide you with help?

I suppose that until we get this matter under control, students will just have to learn to adapt to work around the lazy, apathetic students.

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