A female as the next president

AnnaOne of the most famous quotes in American history is from the Declaration of Independence, in which Thomas Jefferson wrote, “All men are created equal.” But there’s still one unanswered question: what about the women?

With the presidential election fast approaching, there is one topic that needs to be discussed: when is the United States going to elect a female president? The United States is considered one of the most advanced and tolerant countries in the world. Isn’t it time that we finally elect someone who’s not male? I think so.

For centuries women have been — and still are — fighting to be seen as equals to men. Some say that the war has already been won, but I adamantly disagree. Women are constantly falling behind men in numerous sectors. Perhaps the most prevalent gap is in the area of government positions.

Even though women make up over half of America’s population, only 90 of 535 seats in Congress are held by women: a meager 17%. And no woman has ever held the position of vice president or president of the United States. Some people say a woman in office is a drastic change, but I can’t see why. More than 30 countries in the world have managed to do it, and I am very certain that we can.

As a strong believer in equality, I firmly believe in the idea of a female president. It angers me when I see intelligent, qualified female candidates passed over for their less accomplished male counterparts, for the mere reason that they are women. Eleven percent of registered voters  say they wouldn’t vote for a female candidate no matter their qualifications.

The fact that millions of people wouldn’t vote for a woman just because of her gender is, to me, appalling. Not only is it blatantly sexist, but also intolerant and unjust. It makes me ashamed to live in a country where people still see women as inferior to men.

So why is America’s mindset so set against women leaders? Maybe it’s how we see a woman’s role in society. When all of us imagine a typical American family, most of us see the woman working in the kitchen, not the office. Some say our ways come from how we were raised. Even as babies, girls are often treated differently than boys.

This suggests that maybe our generation has already been tainted. But I think not. In fact, I think it is us who will change things. Maybe our parents’ generation wasn’t open-minded enough to elect a female leader, but I think ours is. We are living in a time of change, and I believe that our generation can stand up and help pave the path for a more tolerant future.

One thought on “A female as the next president

  • October 15, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    The country needs a woman president. Women are the peace keepers and men will listen to the women because if they don’t, they don’t want to hear the bitch. lol

    Women just naturally have more common sense, better sense of humor, know how to cut costs. When you have a large number of people to feed thats what you have to do. We are great at multitasking and men can’t even handle being interupted while they are holding the fort down on the couch in front of the big screen.

    Women in general can relate better, have empathy in all aspects of everyone, are great companions, good negotiators because we know exactly what we want and most generally, we get what we want. Women are the glue that hold the families together as they would be the security blanket to what our country needs to get our nation moving forward and onto the right track and pathway.

    Women have to have constant ideas and be creative because when you have children, it’s a 100% skill needed for you as a parent to be in control, because if not your children will be in control over you. Women are the common sense ideas and the men have the extreme costly idea.

    Women never have dull conversations because they are always about real life issues, because we are always concerned if are the children are eating well, feeling well, getting a good education, if they are dresses well. Women have their priorties straight at all times. Not only are we good moms, we hold down jobs as well. Men talk is the same about the same and we all know what the same is, (lol) on top of sports, cars and tools and you are dads as well and great ones. But women, we don’t just get to get up and work, our jobs never end.

    The first Presidential Debate, should not have been on the “President’s” 20th Wedding Aniversary. If any man was good at negotiations, he would have said “That this date was not acceptable for me” and asked if debate could be cancelled and moved to another time and date. You know a year in advance when your Wedding Anniversary is, so you have plenty of time to ask in advance for a day off work.

    In general speaking terms, I think the country should honor a woman and give her a chance. In reality, no one has presidential experiance. Everyone is elected in by trial and error. So, with that said it makes no different if its a man or a woman.

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