Learn to respect others

There have been many occasions during a lesson when many other students and I have had difficulty trying to do our work, or even think because of disruptions. As students, it is our job to learn; we are provided with a free education, many opportunities to better ourselves, and a chance to prepare ourselves for our futures. But I have seen a recurring trend of disrespect towards teachers, a constant battle of disobeying authority. While there are a lot of respectful students here at CVHS, there are also those students who wish to challenge their teachers. These students’ challenges cause a disruption to all of the other students in the classroom.

Talking back to a teacher during class is one of the most rude things there is. If there is a dispute between a student and a teacher, it can be better solved after class calmly and maturely. There needs to be a line between a group discussion and a classroom outburst. Is it so much to ask for a bit of cooperation? Just to be decent human beings?

Teaching is a very difficult job. Assigning only one homework assignment to students can mean hundreds of homework pages that the teacher must correct. Add on to that rude students who are disrespectful, and the teacher has a very stressful situation.

You are in high school. You are on the verge of being an adult and starting your life in the big world. It is time for you to start acting like an adult and taking responsibility for your own actions. In 15 years it will no longer “cool” to talk back to the person in charge because you will just get fired from your job. Teachers put up with these bad attitudes when you’re protected by the soft cushion of high school. But when you’re in the working world and you talk back to your employer, there will be nothing stopping them from kicking you to the curb.

To prevent that from happening, take the opportunities you are given now to help your future. Start by doing your work, don’t talk back, and above all, be respectful.

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