A trip to India

Nothing could be as meaningful as personally helping those in underdeveloped countries that are in need.  For many, it is just a vision that could hardly be accomplished.  For junior Sabrina Li, it is a dream come true.

“This will be my first time going somewhere where I don’t speak the common language,” said Li.  She also will not be able to drink the water in the village she will visit, another thing that is new to her.

From April 5 to 15, Li will be going to Hushui, India, along with a small group from her church, New Life Christian Fellowship.  Hushui is a very small village that just started getting electricity last year.  The whole village shares its water in a public well, and there is no plumbing available to its residents.  As president of the Response Club, Li will be representing her club by bringing supplies and gifts to the children and adults in the small village.

The particular date for the trip was chosen to avoid the bad weather that moves into the region during the summer.  If the team members were to go in the summertime, they would face six hours of hiking before reaching their destination.
Founded by Melissa Rathbun and Alex Bau, Response Club focuses on helping those in India that are in need, specifically the small village of Hushui.  The club originated from New Life Christian Fellowship, which was founded by the reverends at the church.  Two of the reverends, Khan Lolly and Jonathan Zingkhai, had originally come from Hushui, and hence the club’s focus on the village.  The reverends went back to India regularly to visit their families but, due to political unrest in Hushui, have been unable to go recently.  The reverends’ kids are excited to be able to visit their fathers’ homeland for the first time.  These two reverends, plus a third, Augie Bau, and Li’s dad will also be accompanying them on the trip.
When Li heard of the village of Hushui in its desperate state of need, she decided that she wanted to go and help out in any way she could.  Once her idea became known, more people from her church and her club supported her, while a few others decided to go as well. Junior Nick Walsh, secretary of Response Club and member of the same church, will be the only other person from the club that will also be going to India.

Members of the team traveling to Hushui will be responsible for their own plane tickets, as there is no funding from the club for this trip.  Any donations made, whether it be supplies or money, will go directly to those in need at the village.
The main goal of the trip is to bring materials over to the inhabitants of the village.  However, many other activities will take place for the children’s entertainment.  Members of New Life Christian Fellowship will be doing arts and crafts, introducing technology, and teaching English songs to the children.  Walsh will be the one in charge of teaching the kids American sports such as baseball and some others.

Li and Walsh will be missing spring break as they will be in India by that time.  For juniors, the break is an important time of studying for AP tests that take place in May.  However, the two are willing to sacrifice their time to go on a meaningful trip to help those that need them.

“[I’m] really excited to see the kids there,” said Li, showing her enthusiasm to help the children in Hushui.  She is looking forward to seeing for herself how people are able to live without the technology that we are used to in the states and the happiness of simple living.  Although the people of Hushui do not own many materialistic things, they do receive a lot of family support and love, which is a great learning experience for those that are more fortunate.

Donations to Hushui that would be appreciated (any time before April when the team leaves):
Gifts for the school:

  • Pencils (with the sign “Made in the USA” rather than “Made in China”)
  • Pens
  • Crayons
  • Erasers
  • Calculator
  • Badminton Racket and Badminton Net
  • Volleyballs and Volleyball Net
  • Playdough
  • Christian Music DVD’s or CD’s
  • Christian storybooks (not heavyweight)
  • Used laptop

*All preferably with the sign “Made in the USA”

For the orphanage home:

  • There are 30 orphans total, $10 for each orphan
  • Checks to “New Life Christian Fellowship” and put Naga school in the memo section or give a cash donation

General Gifts:

  • Reading Glasses (Costco)
  • Neck Ties
  • T-shirts

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