Maybe; the rudest word in society

Maybe I’ll write this opinion… Maybe I’ll go to school tomorrow… Maybe I’ll consider “maybe” as the rudest word in today’s world. Have you ever been invited to do something, or go somewhere, and replied with “maybe” instead of a yes or no? I bet so! Facebook invites people to respond with “maybe,” and texting evokes a desire to do so as well. When your friend responds to a gracious invitation with a simple “maybe” your doubts most likely arise.
When invited to an event on the oh-so-famous Facebook, you can respond with a yes, no, or maybe. When the event leader is faced with three nos and 20 maybes, should they buy three people’s worth of food and goodies, or should they buy 20 people’s worth of party supplies? Out of courtesy for the event leader, and hopefully your friend, tell them straight away your desire to attend or to not attend the event.
When one replies with a maybe, it seems as though that selfish person is waiting for a better option to arise. If no other time-wasting opportunity comes about, that person will change that maybe to a yes. If some better time-spending event is presented to the decider, she or he will change that maybe to a no. The decider can be waiting until the last minute to change the maybe from a yes to a no, depending on if another situation arises. This late decision leaves the original event planner clueless and without a set number. Imagine if all 20 maybes decided three minutes prior to the set event, the person who originally graciously invited them to some sort of event is stuck in an uncomfortable position.
Don’t be rude; accept offers to events or decline them. Do not leave people wondering who will attend, and who actually wants to spend time with them. If you don’t know your plans because of a test you may have to make up or a grandparent you may have to visit, tell your friend instead of saying “maybe.” Eliminating this word will help strengthen your friendship, and you may find yourself enjoying spending time with the person you were originally going to say maybe to.

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