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“We all have the same dreams”

I came from Korea a year and a half ago. That made my life in Castro Valley High School a little bit different than others, and I am not the only one. For information, believe it or not, there are many English learners in our school. You might think it is not that hard, but the truth is it is that hard.

As students we struggle with homework, tests, friends, and schedules we have to follow. We, the English learners, are having more struggles than the usual teenagers.

First, just imagine moving your family into another country that speaks another language. You cannot bring many family members or best friends or any other things that you might want. Yes, it can be exciting for the new environment, cultures and fun things. But to be honest, it doesn’t take many days to realize that no matter how much better that place is than where you are from, you miss your homeland.

I do not mean to say it happens to all immigrant families, but some tough situations you did not know of can happen to your friends as well.

I have been studying English since before I moved to America, and it helped me in learning and enjoying it with friends who I met in English-learning classes. But when I was in those classes, it was hard to meet friends who were American. I love my friends and sharing our stories from different countries, but I needed to hear what Americans lives are like in America and to talk with them.

Even though I had a few regular classes like math and physical education, it was hard to join people who are already bonded to each other from other classes as well.

Learning English can bring people to face challenges, trivial or big, every day. It can be emotionally difficult and it can feel unfair. Nevertheless, it is my life to be successful and to find happiness. I found we have not only differences, but also so many similarities with each other, no matter where we came from. After all, we are all humans, teenagers and students in Castro Valley High School, and we all have the same dreams.