Scholarships given through CVEF

With rises in budget cuts and the recent recession, paying for college has become increasingly difficult. However, the Castro Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) is here to help.

Offering 22 scholarships ranging from $250 to $20,000, CVEF is offering  seniors a lot of help. The scholarships are also surprisingly easy to apply to. Students only need to fill out one form to apply to all the scholarships that they are eligible for. The scholarships are exclusively for CVHS seniors and cover nearly every demographic. Whether the student is a scout, interested in nursing, has good eating habits, or an interest or sports, CVEF is here to help pay for college; all that is needed is to finish the application by April 1.

“Anyone who’s planning on going to college or trade school should apply for the CVEF scholarships,” explained CVEF Vice President Dr. Neal Fong. “We might even add some scholarships before the deadline. There’s something for almost anybody. It’s definitely worth the 10-15 minutes to fill out the forms.”

The application can be found about halfway down the CVEF homepage: Click on the scholarships link and fill in the information for the various scholarships.

The most prestigious scholarship available is the Dr. Mary Jane Stamm Scholarship, worth $20,000. This scholarship is for the best all around student.

Parents can also donate and help create a scholarship.

“We make it easy for anyone to give a scholarship,” added Fong. “If you want to do something for the kids, just donate an amount and we can help you find candidates. You can support kids going into any career choice or of any background. You could also honor a loved one with the scholarship. We can create scholarships from even a few bucks.”

The CVEF foundation is dedicated to promoting excellence in Castro Valley and is always living out its mission statement. Through these scholarships the CVEF hopes to help CVHS students succeed in the near future.

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