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Vaping continues to plague CVHS bathrooms

By Cat Baldwin and Devin Hidayat

The smoke fills up every crevice of the room, every stall, and every lung. The sickly sweet stench reaches your nostrils, forcing an addiction that has plagued our school systems for a while: vaping. 

The vape was invented in 1963, however, the epidemic in school systems has popped up recently in the 2010s. The introduction of Juul in 2015 influenced teens to give in, leading to the recent problem of bathroom vaping.

After a thorough investigation of each bathroom, a huge issue is seen in the 900 and 700 halls, where anywhere from two to seven vapers can be found puffing away. 

According to the FDA, more than one in ten of current youth use an e-cigarette every day. More kids are in the bathroom vaping than anything else. Vaping at school not only distracts students from their academic lessons but causes them to experience effects from the unhealthy amount of nicotine consumed daily. Students here at CVHS and teens in general who vape have become hooked on vaping, to a point 

Vaping’s effects are unclear, but concerning. Victims of the drug can experience long-term effects such as an increased chance of stroke, mood swings, lung disease increase, and bladder cancer. However, the representation of vapes in the media forces an unfair and manipulative model where “vaping in moderation can be healthy.” sacrifice grades for their habits.

“The 900 hall is especially filled with vapers. There are too many incidents related to said vapers, too,” said junior Hayden Holmgren.

Many Trojans continue to express uneasiness around the bathroom vapers and wonder about its harmful effects on everyone in CVHS.

As bathrooms are a big part of students’ everyday school life, the issue of vaping in the bathrooms makes going to the bathroom an annoyance to students who use the bathroom. So, how can this problem be solved? Building facilitator Kathleen Stacy expressed that the consequences of vaping and how to prevent vaping really depends on the entirety of the situation when a student is caught vaping. 

“First, we need to understand why students are vaping so that we can get them the right help that they need. On top of that, when we do catch a student vaping, we follow our student handbook when coming up with a way to discipline them,” she said. 

We also asked her what they are actively doing to prevent vaping, no specific details were given but she did say that many off and on campus programs were available to help kids stop vaping. The issue of vaping at school affects everyone, not just the kids who are vaping.

This chart rates the air quality in different bathrooms across campus. These ratings are based on the opinions of the reporters.

12 thoughts on “Vaping continues to plague CVHS bathrooms

  • Kevin

    I agree that vaping is a big issue for CVHS. I think that more should be done about the issue as its getting real bad.

  • Brody C

    The vaping issue at the school seems to get worse every year, it is hard to use any bathroom now without having people also vaping in them

  • Dhruv Shah

    It was shocking to see that 1 in 4 youth vape. There are many negative health effects to vaping. I agree that many of bathrooms have bad air quality. Also many of the bathrooms don’t have soap dispensers and sinks that don’t work.

  • The vaping has always been really bad in 700 and 900 hall. For some reason, they seem to attract people. In the last year, it feels like it’s gotten worse and worse. The schools solution is often shutting down the bathrooms, but all that does is inconvenience everyone.

  • Mario Joseph

    One in four is shocking, I had assumed it would be much less. A lot of the time the bathrooms are really bad, but there are still good bathrooms that exist. I also never really realized how the girl’s bathrooms are and it seems that they have similar air quality in some of the worst bathrooms on the campus.

  • Easten May-Fanene

    I totally agree, the air quality in the bathrooms is bad. #stopvaping

  • Shreyans

    I agree I have also noticed the 700 wing bathrooms air quality being the worst out of many bathrooms. I think students shouldn’t just stop vaping at school, but stop vaping in general.

  • Nico Nappi

    I have used both bathrooms and I agree with this article. I find it sad that students here at CVHS have chosen to poison their bodies and ruin our bathrooms. I truly hope something can be done about both issues.

  • Louis Fukuda

    I totally agree with more and more students getting plagued with e-cigeratte and I like how you described the smell of the vape that filled the air inside our bathrooms. I hope people will a bit on how serious the bad air quality it has become and less and less people use vapes inside bathrooms.

  • I agree that the 900 hall bathrooms seem to have the worst air quality and that the romanticization of vaping in the media worsens the problem. A lot of kids aren’t fully aware of the negative health effects of vaping, or think they can escape the consequences by only using in moderation.

  • I agree that the 900 hall bathrooms seem to have the worst air quality and that the romanticization of vaping in the media worsens the problem. A lot of kids aren’t fully aware of the negative health effects of vaping, or think they can escape the consequences by only using in moderation.

  • Nathaniel Berg

    As someone who has used the 900 hall bathroom in the past, I can affirm the rating given is true. The state of the bathrooms in CVHS will not get better if students are not held accountable. Last year I seen the aftermath of entire soap dispensers ripped off of the walls, and a general mindset of “if it is technically usable, it is fine”.

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