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No Exit: CVHS elevators prevent escape

 CVHS has an expansive elevator system as you can get to any second floor without stairs. But are the elevators up to standard? Within one month there were at least three people including myself stuck in elevators for over half an hour. 

My experience was on the morning of Nov. 6, I walked into the 700 hall math side elevator around 7 a.m. and left a bit after 8 a.m. I pressed the second-floor option and the doors closed, then after around one minute the elevator had still not moved so I pressed the open door button which also did not work. 

After looking at the variety of emergency buttons I pressed the call operator button, and after a minute of ringing a man picked up on the line and told me that a mechanic would come soon in around 20 minutes and he would call back for an update. After a couple of minutes with the door closed, it felt uncomfortably hot and uncomfortably dry. 

Around half an hour later, I called back and the operator said the same thing. I then received a call from my teacher who went to the office to get a staff member to come and another ten minutes or so later, Assistant Principal Kevin Baker and a mechanic came and got the door open. The 700 hall elevator wouldn’t be fixed for ten days. 

I was not the only one to get stuck in an elevator lately. Students Jason Grayson and Kristian Pereira got stuck in the 900 hall elevator together on Tuesday Oct. 17 between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. They were only able to get out with the help of the fire department.

“We speculated what would happen if the cable broke,” said Grayson. 

When compared with all the others, the 900 elevator gives a bumpy ride both up and down. Grayson wishes CVHS would “improve elevator overall condition, most are what can be described as sketchy.”

CVHS German teacher Barbara Andersen was also stuck in the 900 hall elevator last school year having to wait for an hour and a half and missing an entire block period in the process. When asked what she did while inside she stated “I read in the elevator” (to pass the time). She alone has had three students stuck over the last year. 

The elevator systems are different across the school. The 400 hall elevator is the newest and it’s also the most used because it does not require a key. Then there are the 900 hall and 700 hall math side elevators that are very similar in function and both require a key. 

The 900 hall cannot be pushed open in an emergency while the 700 hall math side can be. The 900 will also bump or even stop with sudden motions or weight changes. For example, jumping or dropping your backpack in the 900 elevator can and has resulted in a stop either for a few seconds or it getting stuck. 

Were someone with an extreme injury or someone unable to signal for help to have gotten stuck, it could result in permanent bodily harm due to the hot and humid conditions inside. 

“We don’t have any data on the number of students stuck in the elevator, but one student stuck is one too many,” said Principal Chris Fortenberry. 

That’s why the school should invest in the safety of the elevators to prevent this from inevitably happening.

6 thoughts on “No Exit: CVHS elevators prevent escape

  • Kalaya

    This is terrible. The school really needs to get their act together about these gosh darn elevators. A lawsuit is just waiting to happen!

  • Diego Anguiano

    Yeah this article is more proof that the school needs to get these elevators under control to be used safely for everyone that needs to. No have to worry about being stuck in an elevator anywhere especially at school. It is good that there is a supportive staff to get us through times like this.

  • Its really alarming to hear that the 900 hall elevator cant be pushed open in an emergency.

  • Brenda

    I had no idea our school had elevators to begin with so the fact that there are students actively using these elevators in wings where my classes lie is shocking to me! It’s definitely serious that students are missing class time due to these inconveniences and I can only imagine how discomforting and scary it is being stuck in any of the elevators. I do hope there is more investment for elevator safety. This was an intriguing and informful story, great job!

  • Precious Bandiola

    I’ve had my fair share of being inside the 900 elevator last year. I remember that the function of the elevator was not ideal and was extremely confusing. I’m thankful I wasn’t one of those students and staff who unfortunately got stuck. I also recently heard that one of the elevators at 700 was not working. I hope they get to fix them soon.

  • Scott Baldwin

    It scares me to think that if I go into an elevator, there’s a chance that I’d get stuck. School is supposed to be a safe environment, and taking the elevator shouldn’t keep you from getting to class on time. Hopefully they can fix this issue soon.

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