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Costume contest was a monster mash

It’s a monster mash! This Halloween, the leadership class held their annual Costume Contest, hosting both students and staff to compete for a ranking as well as a few ghoulish prizes for the top spooks. 

During lunch on Halloween, with the leaves changing color, spider webs strung about, and creepy crawlies hiding everywhere, the fall atmosphere was bustling. It was the perfect setting to hold a Halloween-themed event, all provided by Deco Club. Here is where the contest commenced, starring students of all class ranks, including freaky freshmen, skeletal sophomores, jump scare juniors, and spooky seniors. Staff ranging in years of style from new age haunts to the classic vampire were encouraged to join in on the festivities. Together students and staff alike were all seen ‘catwalking’ the stage in ghastly anticipation to be judged. 

Students and staff alike, were judged by the all-seeing eyes of our Count DeShawn Irving, enchanted Debbie Rose, and siren Mo Brosnan. Judges ranked costumes based on style, imagination, quality, and character embodiment. 

The judges deliberate but with the short timeframe of lunch, the winners were lost to history. The chaos of the event led to a quick succession of costumes of unrecognizable students, somewhat close to a masquerade ball. Where students along the crowded stage were called upon by the orchestrators, summoned to be awarded their prizes. Prizes included gift cards and school merchandise.

The school coven of leadership is the head of campus activities. The coven is full of enthusiastic students willing to plan and work on events as well as lead peers with school spirit. The godfather of the coven is Thomas Maloney, who helps guide his students through preparation and make the class’ efforts recognizable around campus. 

“In order to plan for this event we do our best to get the word out. We try to use the announcements, marquee, and monthly newsletter to help get the word out,” said Maloney. Along with spreading the word, Maloney additionally gets engagement for his fellow court of staff. Where staff is always happy to contribute to the school shenanigans that Maloney has to offer.