This year’s changes for ASB election

With the end of the year fast approaching, leadership and eager Trojans are preparing for elections on March 17. This year, elections will look different from the typical process due to distance learning.

Trojans running for office face the challenge of spreading the word that they are running. In a typical year, they put posters up all over the school and hand out buttons to spread their names. Now, candidates have changed to campaigning on social media, mostly Instagram and Snapchat, by posting digital flyers and relying on others to also share their flyers. 

“This year, I am campaigning by reaching out to friends through social media, changing my Zoom background/profile picture, and sending out digital flyers,” said Honna Nguyen, who is running for senior class vice president.

Freshmen candidates also encounter a large issue: they have not had the chance to connect and form friendships with people in their class; many of them barely know each other. In order to help the freshmen get to know their candidates, a short speech of 50 words will be put onto ballots where all candidates can express their goals and qualifications. 

The rules of this year’s elections have remained largely unchanged from previous years. The most important rule is that candidates bring a good attitude with them while campaigning. Campaign promises are also approved by Activities Director Thomas Maloney to ensure that candidates make reasonable promises that they can fulfill.  

“As far as rules go, no threats to other candidates or unkind comments towards one another will be tolerated and can lead to the elimination of one’s candidacy,” said Dylan Dacosta-Bass, one of the election committee heads.

Preliminary elections took place on March 3 through a digital form. To replace ASB Forum, ASB candidates will record their speeches to be compiled into a video that will be shared to the student body prior to voting. 

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