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School Board: Lee seeks re-election

Monica Lee is running for re-election this year on the Castro Valley School Board. 

Lee has served on the board for the past three and a half years, and has been an involved parent in the community. Outside of the school board, she is a lawyer, and has a business degree, which helps her to negotiate contracts and look over budgets. 

“I think our biggest goal is going to be how we bring students and staff back to school safely. We want students to be on campus,” Lee said. She wants to bring everyone back to school this academic year, and ensure that they can stay on campus without the threat of an outbreak. 

When her kids attended Castro Valley schools, one of Lee’s favorite things was the sense of community she felt.  As a school board member, she wants to continue to strengthen that, by doing what’s best for students and their families. 

“There’s so much that we try and offer our students and our families, that it’s just a great place to be and go to school, and I really want to help it stay that way,” she said. 

One thought on “School Board: Lee seeks re-election

  • Mark Abdalla

    I really like what I read about Monica Lee. She seems to have a goal of bringing us students back on campus as safely and as soon as possible.

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