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Wildfires spread throughout California

Fires have erupted all over in California since the Santa Clara Unit Lightning Complex on Aug. 18. 

Over 3.6 million acres have burned across California, doubling the record of 1.8 million acres burned in 2018, killing at least 26 people and destroying 6,400 buildings, according to Cal Fire. 

“When the Santa Clara Lightning Complex lit off, we had over 51 firefighters deployed to the fires, while maintaining keeping our stations fully staffed,” said firefighter and public information officer Brian Centoni. 

Centoni, a CVHS alumnus of 1998, states that Alameda County Fire Department has been aiding other firefighters with the CZU Lightning Complex and the Creek Fire.

“Our firefighters in Alameda County, they team up with other local governments and we do assist with fires all around the state,” Centoni said. “We currently have a couple different strike teams that are at the Santa Cruz fires. We have extra apparatus and firefighters there. Also, then we have some firefighters heading down to the Creek Fire in Fresno County.”

Air quality was poor throughout Bay Area and Sacramento region as smoke from one of the state’s biggest fires in modern history continued to fill the sky. 

“I am concerned with air quality and chronic exposure to the particulate. At least we already have face masks,” said science teacher Nathan McCreary.