SBAC scores rise

Members of the class of 2019 improved the CVHS scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) which they took in 2018.

SBAC is a standardized test that is mainly given to juniors in the high school grades. It is based on Common Core state standards.

Overall the juniors from the class of 2019, the current seniors, have the highest CVHS scores for the past three years. The “standards met and exceeded levels” and have improved as well.

SBAC performance data provides important information to determine whether students are on track to pursue college and a career by the time they graduate from high school.

“This is important for kids that are trying to go to college because their scores can help them with their entry. It also helps with placement in college,” said Assistant Principal Chris Fortenberry.

The current seniors scored 41.7 percent in the “Standards Exceeded” region, 28.7 percent for the “Standard Met” level, and only 15.6 percent in the “Standards Not Met” level for the English testing. As for math the class of 2019 scored 34.2 percent for “Standard Exceeded,” 25.7 percent for “Standards Met” and 21.7 percent for “Not met.”

This test is important for students to take because “it helps our school ranking, and overall academic success that we can share with the community,” said Fortenberry.

This test has replaced Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading (STAR) which was a hand written, scantron exam.

“I remember taking the STAR test in elementary school and I personally think that the SBAC is more efficient. I would choose the SBAC over STAR test any day,” said junior Juliette Torres.

The test is also important for the teachers to evaluate their progress on teaching.

“It helps the teachers and staff to test our knowledge of how well we are teaching our students,” said Fortenberry.

“I think the students have taken more of an interest in taking the test and we have expressed to the students the importance of it and students have accepted that,” said Fortenberry.

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