Clubs lead campus activities for SOSPOP

All CVHS clubs coming together as one, and each representing a prominent issue or topic symbolizing unity and diversity, is the vision that Club Commissioners Grace Boyd and Theo Santiago have for this year ’s Seasons of Service, Period of Peace (SOSPOP).  

The CVHS campus will be thriving within school and out of school lunchtime activities, fundraisers, speakers, and mainly a new broadening of horizons as clubs take on each week with a specialized topic of interest. Beginning on Jan. 21 and stretching out to April 5, each club has the freedom to educate the student body on the topic of their choice.

“There are one to four clubs each week and they are all united under one specific theme. So there are themes such as global health, women empowerment, Black Heritage week, Latino Heritage week. It’s basically up to the clubs and whatever they want to do,” said Boyd.

“It just represents who we are as a school and what we stand for. It’s just a week for clubs to spread the word of what they want to do and what their message is. It’s a good variety as well because every club has their own thing going,” added Santiago.

In the past, SOSPOP has replaced Days of Diversity, a similar time of school unity celebrating the diversity on campus with many guest speakers and activities. SOSPOP has since given the clubs more freedom and specialty on a topic.

Each club has something to say on this campus, making sure they get a voice to reach out to the entire school. Messages of positivity and excitement for club members and officers show that SOSPOP has been a great hit since switching over.

“We’re doing a lot of work with feminism and working with MSA. We’re having a guest speaker from a mosque which should be fun and unique since my life is so different than theirs,” said Katrina Siler, co-President of Girls Learn International.

Lunchtime activities surrounding the themes of mental health, women empowerment, basic needs, public health, and women in STEM make SOSPOP an event for every student on campus. Activities all week long can be located in any of the gyms, off campus, and the library.

“The main goal was to kind of educate people on what it’s like to be intersectional. On Monday we had a therapy circle with the honest opinions of how it is to live life. It was really deep and a good activity,” added Siler.

“It’s so unique that it really does try and attract every single person at this school,” Boyd also explained when asked about the lunchtime activities.

“We’ve been trying to implement more activities and themes around diversity, culture, and education. So this year the themes are more focused on diversity this year. We’re trying to still keep a bridge with the Days of Diversity and SOSPOP,” concluded Santiago.

You can keep up with the latest updates and each week by following CVHS SOSPOP on Instagram.

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