CVHS organizes donations for Camp Fire victims

Student activities director Michael Kentris is organizing a donation drive for victims of the Camp Fire. The donation drive takes place from Nov. 13 to Nov. 16. All schools in the CVUSD will be accepting donations.

The donation drive is an easy way for community members to get involved with those affected by the fire.

“There’s fliers posted all throughout the community and on social media that list out different things that are needed by community members that we’ve been in touch with and any of those types of donations are greatly appreciated,” stated Kentris.

Suggested donations include school and cleaning supplies, first aid kits, toiletries, new/lightly used clothing, pillows, blankets, pet supplies, bottled water, food/gas gift cards, and books. Most schools will be accepting donations at their offices. CVHS will accept donations in the leadership room as well as the office.

“I just think the amount of destruction and chaos and the fact that entire communities were destroyed just felt like we had to do something,” he said. Kentris saw the damage caused by the fire and was determined to help as a community.

“I am renting a U-Haul and we are driving it up Saturday morning,” said Kentris. He will be personally delivering the donations to victims of the fire.

Many different members throughout the community are assisting in organizing the drive.

“The drive is organized by Castro Valley High School leadership, the unified school district office, and principals and other community members at all different schools,” stated Kentris.

Even on the first day of the drive, schools all across the district have received numerous donations. Every participating school has received at least one donation, most being clothing. The immediate success of the drive demonstrates the compassion felt throughout the community.

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