CVHS Library receives new mural

Splashes of paint and streaks of color swim on the walls of the CVHS library and auto shop. Students expressed their ideas with murals including koi fish and words of encouragement.

Students from CVHS collaborated with Dragon School, an Oakland non-profit group which focuses on art and community.

“Everyone is invited. We don’t care, it’s not isolated, just us,” said Sage Loring, the executive director of Dragon School. The styles of the artists are unique and diverse, which follows the school’s values.

“When people come meet us, they see we got Chinese, we got Filipino, two white dudes, they see that we are legit, and that it really is just about the art and community,” said Loring.

CVHS librarian Dana Adams orchestrated the event. It was one of her dreams to get a mural painted here at CVHS by the Dragon School. She found out about Dragon School while working at an art school for younger children.

“This is only the beginning. (Principal Blaine) Torpey said he wanted to do something like this every year, and I really hope we can make it happen,” said Adams.

The students and artists, Steven Anderson and Lauren Aragon, worked together to pick the colors and get everything painted. They used a variety of mediums and techniques from stencils to finger paint. Picking the colors and mixing some together gave everything a unique vibe and allowed the students to create and paint their ideas, passions, and themselves on the walls of the school.

“The students were great. They helped pick out the paint and we got to see them express their ideas and really put themselves out their showing their uniqueness,” said Aragon.

Everyone involved was elated that they had the opportunity to participate in such an creative event that allowed for new outlets and a different experience.

“I like doing murals because it’s a different canvas. Compared to a smaller portrait or a piece of paper, this is more permanent,” expressed junior Britney Fu.

One thought on “CVHS Library receives new mural

  • May 14, 2018 at 8:27 am

    I think that this was a good idea and I hope they continue adding art around the school.

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