Fashion Forward: Katelyn Lance talks minimalism

Olympian Great Layne Johnson introduces “Fashion Forward,” a new column about fashion and style at CVHS and beyond. Her first subject is Katelyn Lance, a junior with “a minimalist style,” on Instagram, @h8lynk8lyn.


Q: Is fashion empowering?

A: Yeah, I think depending on the type of person you are, fashion can be a form of self expression. It can be something about your identity or something that you’re just interested in. I think it’s a form of creativity that people get to do on a daily basis.


Q: Has fashion empowered you?

A: Well yeah, to be honest I wear a lot of crop tops and stuff and I know that people assume things about about me based on how much skin I show but it has really taught me that I don’t dress for anyone but myself. Fashion is like liberation.


Q: Who/What is your style icon?

A: Nobody in particular. I think Rihanna has good style. I used to shop mainly at one store, American Apparel–that’s why I wear a lot of basic things. I don’t really wear a lot of patterns. I kinda just like minimalist style.


Q: What’s your go to outfit?

A: I used to wear mom jeans everyday because I had a really nice pair from American Apparel, so I like those. I really like high waisted stuff, wrap shirts, mini skirts. I don’t really have a specific outfit. Sometimes I go through phases where I’ll wear something and then never wear it again. I just like minimalists looks with only a few colors.


Q: How much attention do you pay toward dressing for school?

A: I dress like this outside of school sometimes. Sometimes I’m lazy so I wear sweats and stuff but I also wear the same things outside of school. It’s pretty much the same.

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