New carpool parking lot in plans for upcoming school year

A new carpool parking lot may be implemented on campus during the 2017-2018 school year. The proposal by the organization Safe Routes to School, its CVHS representatives, and the environmental commissioners involves reserving 20 parking spaces between 700 hall and the CFA for students who carpool to school.

The parking lot was developed by CVHS Safe Routes to School representatives Mia Babasyan (junior) and Jessica Lo (senior), as well as leadership’s environmental commissioners Michelle Terhell and Katie Tam (sophomores).  

“One of the primary objectives of this carpool parking lot project is to make CVHS a more environmentally-friendly campus,” said Lo.

The project would ideally reduce car pollution by encouraging the act of carpooling. Another benefit would be reduced traffic which could ultimately decrease the amount of tardies.

“This new system can help bring awareness to the unhealthy gases being released into our air with excess cars on the road, especially since we are demonstrating the process firsthand,” said Tam.

Juniors will not be able to obtain a carpool parking permit due to the limited amount of spots available. In addition, those who apply for a pass will need to have a non-provisional driver’s license and at least two carpoolers.

Current carpoolers around campus support the project because they feel a closer parking space is a reward for their efforts.

“Carpoolers are awarded with a closer space to the school’s entrance as well as a reduced price as compared to the traditional parking permits,” said Tam.

A survey conducted by the project developers asked students already carpooling what they thought of the idea and what incentives they would suggest. The survey concluded that 18 out of 20 groups of current carpoolers thought that the parking lot was a great idea. Also based on the results, the planners hope to provide gift cards as incentives for those who carpool.

As the proposal is in the final stages of approval by CVHS administration, it is still unsure whether or not it will pass. However, students appear to be in support based on the survey conducted.

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