CVHS teachers celebrate Pi Day

Pi Day: what an exciting day March 14 was for both the students and teachers at CVHS. What can possibly be better than celebrating the famous, irrational number we all know and love, Pi (π), all while enjoying a delicious slice of pie?

Pi is mostly known by its approximation, 3.14 (hence the reason it is celebrated on 3/14).

“This very special number is a naturally occurring phenomena found by taking any circle of any size and dividing it by its denominator,” explained Assistant Principal Nic McMaster, who was formerly a math teacher.

How cool is that? No matter what, you’ll always end up with an approximation of 3.14!

“It’s a fun celebration of a really cool mathematical concept and I get to tell nerdy jokes,” said science teacher Christopher Bing, who was proudly wearing his pi shirt.

In charge of the big Pi Day celebration, science teacher Melissa Kindelspire also organized a “pi walk” in which she and many other teachers participated in a walk around Castro Valley. The teachers also enjoyed playing “Pie Face” in which is a convenient machine launches pie at a person’s face.

Overall, Pi Day was a success for the teachers at CVHS who, for the most part, agreed that eating the variety of savory pies was the highlight of the event.

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