Student caught with airsoft pistol after gun scare

A student was caught with the airsoft sniper pistol after the administration received a tip about a gun on campus on Feb. 13. The administrators, campus patrollers and Alameda County sheriff’s officers found and “apprehended a student” within ten minutes of the issue being reported, according to Principal Blaine Torpey.

The incident was resolved quickly with no injuries. There was only a delayed dismissal bell for two to four minutes. Most teachers didn’t know about the incident until they checked their emails, and many students haven’t even heard about what happened.

An airsoft pistol is a “realistic looking toy gun,” Torpey said. “It shoots projectiles; it’s a safety issue. Anything that can harm somebody is a big issue on campus and toy guns risk a police response and that’s always one of the big concerns.”

Bringing a weapon or even an airsoft gun to school is very serious and should not be taken lightly. It was lucky the situation was handled quickly and safely, as there are cases of teenagers and younger children getting killed by police because they had what looked like weapons in their possession.

The penalty for bringing a weapon, even an airsoft gun, onto campus can be expulsion. CVHS has not revealed what discipline the student with the airsoft pistol has received.

“The safety of all students is our number one priority,” Torpey said. “The student did not brandish the toy weapon. At no time were students in any danger.”

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