Renaissance program coming back to CVHS

Renaissance is returning to CVHS! Leadership is bringing back the grade reward system after four years of being absent from CVHS. A group of leadership officials in the Renaissance Committee have decided to create a new Renaissance program that includes amazing prizes for the students that qualify.

Although the Renaissance Committee members are still working out details, they have determined that the qualifications for Renaissance will be based on grade point average (GPA) with three different qualification sections and one qualification section for GPA improvement. Some of the prizes for the qualifying students could be t-shirts or booklets. They are also working on the expansion of Renaissance so it will continue to reward students throughout the school year instead of over one semester as Renaissance did four years ago.

ASB Treasurer Jessica Yin campaigned last year for the Renaissance program to come back to CVHS.

“If you look at our activities program, we don’t have any kind of program to award academic achievement, which I think is really important,” says Yin. “It will be nice for the students of CVHS to be rewarded on their academic excellence and be encouraged to work harder to improve their GPAs and be the best that they can be.”

In words of encouragement to all students, Yin says, “Renaissance is not just for top students. Improving your GPA is just as important as maintaining a high GPA. Renaissance is a program to offer real, tangible rewards as you make your way towards a long term goal for the future.”

Nicholas Whitaker, leadership advisor, also talked about the new Renaissance program. According to Whitaker, Renaissance will most likely start next year and the leadership team will be trying to get local businesses to participate, possibly providing some of the prizes, since the Renaissance program has no funding.

“The leadership team is doing their best, its completely run by them which requires extra work to help reward students,” says Whitaker. “It’s definitely something we regretted getting rid of, but we are excited to bring it back because students deserve rewards for outstanding achievement.”

Hopefully by this time  next year CVHS will be reunited with Renaissance.

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