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CVHS Leadership initiates the Waste Reduction Program

Photo by Brittany Roberts

We have a recycling program here at CVHS that Leadership runs out of room 607. It is Waste Reduction Program at our school, where the goal is to have as little garbage as possible. The blue bins are for recycling, the green bins are for organics, and the gray bins are for garbage that cannot be composted or recycled. These bins are spread throughout the school, usually in stations. Most of the waste belongs in the green or blue bins.The Leadership class encourage students to take a second to sort through our waste when we throw it away. Bins are marked clearly with signs that indicate where each item goes.  During lunch, students in fluorescent vests may be seen at stations to help with proper disposal. They are friendly and there to help. The Waste Reduction Program has been in place for a while. However, they continue to encourage proper disposal because it is extremely important.

“I want people at school to realize the impact that they can make. As humans, we consume a lot and thus, produce a lot of waste,” said Stephanie Lew, CVHS Environmental Commissioner.

Sorting through our trash before we throw it away can make a big difference and it only takes a few seconds to do.

“Most of our waste does not need to go to the landfill. It can be reused, recycled, or rot. How we manage our waste is essential to living sustainably, preserving our earth for future generations,” Lew said.

Together, our school can reduce its waste through proper disposal. Do your part. If you see a friend throwing something in the wrong bin, politely say something. There are many people at CVHS that do care and already utilize the system to its fullest; however, there are many people that are too lazy to take the extra second to throw the banana in the organic bin. Leadership wants to encourage everyone use our system in order to help the environment.

“Basically we hope that proper waste disposal and the environmental awareness around school will influence people to do the same at home. For example, FOG ( fats, oils, and grease) can cause serious damage to sewers if disposed improperly. It’s best to pour over their leaves, grass, clippings, or other yard trimmings,” Lew added.

So far, Leadership has not been collecting data on how the recycling program is progressing, but they will have it all in February. Once they get the data, Leadership is going to do a waste audit, which is when they go through all of our trash for the whole school to see. Anyone interested in participating is welcomed to stop by the Leadership room for more info. The audit is going to take place Feb.1.

If any students are interested in helping the school to become a greener place, they can offer to monitor one or two of the bins during lunch to ensure people utilize the bins correctly. If you have any other ideas please stop by and share them with Leadership in room 607.