New Common Core standard for California schools

California’s school districts have begun using new standards: the Common Core. California had adopted the standards on Aug. 2, 2010, although they were not to be implemented until the 2013-14 school year. Teachers at CVHS have attended workshops to learn more about the new standards and get right to the core of them!

Although you maybe asking yourself, what is common core? How does this affect me?

Common core applies to all subjects and is all about skill. The new standards are designed to ensure that students will leave high school more prepared for college in a sense that their reading and critical thinking skills are at their sharpest.

There is more of a focus on what students are reading now and the content of the reading. The standards want to make sure that students are reading material that promotes creativity and critical thinking skills that can not only be applied in high school but in further education and the work force.

Teachers, researchers, and education experts from across the country have worked on Common Core for several years. The old standards were changed because some in the country wanted new standards that would help close the gap between the performance level of American students and other students from around the world.  The people who created the standards designed them with the students in mind and hoping that what they have now is relatable to all the students and helps them keep up with other intellectually exceptional students around the world.

The government does not force Common Core Standards; instead, each individual state Department of Education decides. As of now, 45 states in the US have implemented Common Core. Not only are schools now implementing Common Core, but they’re introducing a new test to replace CST testing which is called the SBAC that will be taken by 11th graders of the 2014-15 school year.

“The main issue is people don’t know much about it and we are still trying to figure out how to implement it in the classroom,” stated social studies teacher Gerry Cox.

“The goal is to get kids more ready for college and it’s less drill and kill. The goal is noble and it’s a good cause! This year will be all about learning about it and having it in full effect next year,” stated English teacher Tina Johansson.

Overall, the standards want teachers to be consistent with the curriculum they teach and hope that they will use these standards to advance students into intellectual excellence.

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