Schedules for next year are delayed

The excitement has begun for all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors as they began filling out their class schedules for the 2013/2014 school year.

Not everyone has turned in their schedule forms and as a result, not all class schedules will be entered into the computer system until the middle of May.

As always, some classes are more popular than others, particularly the electives, including ceramics, photography, and psychology. These classes are given in priority order which means that the incoming seniors will be enrolled into their first choice of an elective, then juniors and so on so forth.

“So far the new AP Computer Science class has been in high demand,” said counselor Duane Magno.

However, none of the students willing to take these preferred classes have been waitlisted since there are still some students filling out their schedules.

The district gives the school a certain amount of money which it uses towards paying teachers, books, and the class itself. By students dropping classes, class sizes fluctuate, causing problems for new classes because there are not enough teachers nor students to teach and attend the class. Either the students fail the class that they are in but want to leave, or they choose to join school service.

“Sign up for what you plan to stay in,” stresses counselor Karena Doan.

Junior Corinne Foley plans on taking choir, psychology, statistics, physics, expository reading, government and economics her senior year.

“I didn’t want to have a super hard schedule, but I didn’t want a crap one either,” said Foley.

As for now, students will just have to wait till the end of summer to find out their schedule and new classes.

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