Seniors are looking forward to their next milestone; college

There seems to be only one thing CVHS seniors are talking about these days: college. Those graduating and moving on to that next milestone in education seem to have nothing else on their minds.

Although applications were stressful, the months of March and April revealed the nerve-wracking excitement of the seniors. Most, if not all, were wracked with doubt and anxiety as the rejections and acceptances were received.

Rebecca Lum was one of the lucky seniors who was accepted into her number one college.

“I was really excited because I got into Davis and that was my favorite one out of the UCs,” said Lum.

Lum had also applied to UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, University of Pacific, and CSU East Bay. She was accepted into UCSD, UOP, and CSUEB, but was waitlisted for UCSB and rejected from UC Berkeley and UCLA. However, she wasn’t disappointed with the rejections because she had already gotten into Davis.

Senior Jack Hu also got accepted into a few of his choice colleges.

“[I got into] most of the colleges I didn’t expect to,” said Hu.

Although rejected from UCLA and UC Santa Barbara, Hu was accepted into UC Davis, UC San Diego, and Colorado State. He decided to attend UC San Diego.

“I feel like UCSD is a good environment for me to continue studying. I’ve gone to their open house and there seemed to be a lot more options to explore,” said Hu.

As graduation approaches, more and more seniors are drifting away from high school and preparing for college. At this pivotal point in a person’s life, the decision of which college to attend, if one is attending at all, is one of the most important. This decision paves the way for the rest of his or her life.

Yet despite the enormous amount of pressure placed on this choice, many are satisfied with their decisions.

When asked if she was happy with the choice she made, Lum answered with a smile and an exuberant, “Yes!”


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