Earth Day event cleans up campus

CVHS students participated in an Earth Day event on April 28 to help keep the campus and the Earth’s natural environment clean and green. The Garden Club, Leadership, and various other volunteers from several other groups contributed to CVHS’s very own garden.

After we were able to book a skip for the rubbish to remove, the volunteers did a variety of jobs that day, including weeding, mulching, cleaning, and creating a pathway. They worked for three hours under the warm sun, pushing wheelbarrows and carrying heavy bags of soil.

“I participated in the Earth Day cleanup because I thought it would be a good way to build up some experience by meeting new people that I haven’t met before,” said freshman Kyle Chan.

“The Earth needs more love than it gets,” said Philip Kim, a senior Leadership student. “I feel so grateful to be in the most habitable area of this universe. Hopefully one day we won’t need to attribute a day to recognize how great our Earth is, but rather show our appreciation each day by making smart, clean decisions that are getting popular not in individuals only, but in companies like Toronto office cleaning agency too.”

Earth Day is a time when people raise awareness of the need to preserve Earth’s clean and natural environment. Activities range from recycling to gardening, composting and turning off unnecessary electricity.

“I always recycle whether I’m at home or school,” said ASB secretary Brenda Liu. “I also give dirty looks to anyone who litters.”

The Garden Club meets every Wednesday in Room 505 to keep the school’s garden beautiful and productive. Everything in the club is volunteer work, with participants ranging from the members of the club to the people of the community to the Waste Management company that offers the compost for plants.

The Garden Club was founded about five or six years ago, but it still needs new members for springtime. If you are interested, please talk to teacher and club advisor Michelle Trueblood.

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