Car insurance: expensive but necessary

Driving can be scary; there are so many things to worry about. You have to get your permit, go to driving school, pass your driver’s test and get a car. Something that is often overlooked is the insurance: by law, you need it to legally drive. Most drivers at CVHS don’t know anything about their own insurance.

“I believe it’s about $2,000 a year. I don’t really know,” said junior Sara Crispin.

“I have no idea, my parents take care of it,” said senior Aria Alokozai.  Insurance is pricey. Mercury Insurance Group, Geico, Progressive, One Sure Insurance and AAA all had average insurance premiums of about $700-800 for a teen driver. Certain variables will factor into how much more or less a teenager pays for a premium.

It used to be that female drivers paid less for their insurance than males because it was believed that females were safer and less reckless than their male counterparts. However, these days insurance prices are about the same for female and male drivers.

Getting good grades will not only help you out in your quest for college, but it will get you (and your parents) spending less money on insurance. According to Insurance 4 Motor Trade,  major and most minor insurance companies offer up to 25 percent off for a B average. Teens can pay even less for an A average.

Money can be saved by adding on to the students’ parents’ policy rather than being insured separately. Just make sure parents inform the insurance agent that their child is in fact driving.  Deliberate concealment can impact how much is paid for coverage.

Driver experience is important. By getting educated and taking a formal training course, most insurance companies will lower their prices for teen drivers, including the month to month car insurance premiums.

As CVHS students learned during Every 15 Minutes, drinking and driving will cost big time. Getting pulled over while driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of even 0.01 a person could lose his or her license, and insurance prices will undoubtedly skyrocket. If a driver’s BAC is 0.05 or higher, teenagers will be required to attend a rehabilitation program for young offenders and may receive DUI charges. For a BAC of 0.08 or higher, the same rules for an adult DUI apply with underage drinking charges tacked on. The insurance company might drop an underage driver with a BAC at such a high level.

Accidents, tickets and citations will affect the cost of insurance negatively. According to, receiving more than three of these you will face cancellation or non-renewal for an insurance plan.

Finally, the type of car being driven also affects the cost of a premium. Safer cars also lower the rate of the premium.

When shopping for insurance make sure to ask about discounts for grades and driver experience. Don’t drive under the influence and get a safe car. That way, the cost of insurance is guaranteed to be less expensive.

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