CVHS solar panels almost completed

With the main bulk of the solar panel construction already wrapped up, students with permits are now allowed to park in the Redwood Road parking lot on a first-come, first-served basis while remaining cautious about the coned zones. In addition, standard parking restrictions on neighborhood streets will soon return.

The installation of solar panels has been happening on the CVHS campus for several months now. At the beginning, students were definitely complaining and frustrated with the parking situation. But as time went on, it became something everyone had to get used to.

When standing near the parking lot right now, it is evident that the solar panels are en route to being completed. Currently, the district is also looking into having video cameras installed.

All of the panels and lights were installed by May 8. According to Assistant Principal Matt Steinecke, “Illumination under the canopies will be sometime in June.”

While many students are anxious for the reopening of the parking lots, many are also excited for the environmentally friendly aspect of the project.

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